In this episode of the Brand Focus Podcast, Host Antoine Woods discusses”The Secret Ingredient to Branding Success”. Throughout the episode, he speaks on how consistency is the fuel behind achieving & sustaining brand success, provides clarity on the difference between “brand promise” & “mission statement”, gives examples of how consistency has made brands like Starbucks, Apple, & Chick-fil-a cultural staples, and provides you with 5 things consistency within your brand will create for your business.

  • Positive affirmations 1:11
  • Importance of brand foundation 2:08
  • Secret Ingredient 3:15
  • Brand promise vs mission statement 3:59
  • Importance of 1st impressions 5:17
  • What consistency does for your brand 7:22
  • 5 things consistency within your brand will do for your business 11:20

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