Be confident that you’re making the right decisions to position your brand for continual growth

As a leader, being unclear about any area of your brand is unwittingly handicapping your growth.

Ask yourself this. If traveling cross-country which would most likely result in a successful arrival, directions based on your instinct or a GPS? It’s a no-brainer right!?

The same applies to your business – having a clear & defined roadmap will undoubtedly increase your chances of successfully archiving your set goals.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or the leader of a large organization, you must understand, believe & champion the importance of clarity.

If you do not have clarity within your brand two things are certain; (1) You’re not differentiating yourself in the market (2) You’re accelerating your own business failure.

Our Brand Focus Coaching is perfect for you if...

You’re starting a business & need to establish a brand

You're ready to define & understand your ideal customer.

Your marketing is not providing desired results.

You're unsure of what your brand stands for & how to communicate it.

You're needing to differentiate yourself from your competitors

You're ready to maximize your growth & earnings potential.

Possible Areas of Focus

Our Brand Focus® Coaching Sessions consists of 60-minute coachings centered around your desired business, branding & marketing needs

Brand DNA

Defining your business’s “Vision”, “Mission”, “Core Values” and “Mindset”

Target Audience

Identifying the right target demographic for the success of your business.


Defining & clarifying your brand message for those inside & outside of your business.

Communication Strategy

Defining an effective communication strategy and roadmap for the creation of touch-points & mediums that will position you for success in the market.

Signature Story

The creation of a personal story that expresses why your brand exists, what it stands for and why consumers should support it. It’s a vital way to induce emotional investment between your and your potential customers.

Elevator Pitch

Development of the ability to clearly & confidently communicate what you do, whom you do it for, and why it matters in 15 secs, 30 secs, and 60 secs.

Need help in an area not listed? No problem. 

Simply let us know your trouble area & that’s where we’ll focus!

What Brand Focus® Alumni Are Saying

I initially contacted Antoine & his team for the purpose of re-designing my website but was guided through a process that prompted a complete re-brand of my business, clarified my messaging & resulted in me being able to 3x my rates. Investing in his Brand Focus coaching was the best thing I could have done for my business.


John Jones / Founder / Soule Awakening

What Brand Focus® Alumni Are Saying

Antoine & his team were a great strategic partner and provided invaluable insights as we embarked on a company rebrand. They took the time to fully understand our business, industry & target audience, and their balance of strategy & creativity resulted in recommendations to help fuel our business and aligned our organization towards sustainable growth.

Dr. Linda W., CDE, CRS / CEO / Turning Point Leadership Group

What Brand Focus® Alumni Are Saying

I think very highly of Antoine & his team over at Cultural Sync. Working with them provided us with a true understanding of branding and the importance of putting the customer at the center of our business. And you don’t just say it; you actually understand how your brand & marketing connect to deliver a consistent message to your team & target customer.

Matt M. / Executive Director / Chattanooga C.A.R.E.S

What Brand Focus® Alumni Are Saying

Participating in the one-on-one coaching sessions was an invaluable investment. Antoine’s energy & approach to my brand’s development was refreshing. He doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear. His recommendations are insightful,  candid & actionable. My business is now in a true position for growth.

Joseph A. / CEO / Strategic Consulting Partners

What Brand Focus® Alumni Are Saying

“The team’s insights gave us an important third-party perspective as we delved into the rebranding of the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce’s Diversify Luncheon and Business Fair. The brand strategy our teams developed together helped the Chattanooga Chamber to expand our outreach. We look forward to Diversify growing and reaching more businesses in the coming years.”

Sybil T. / VP of Communications / Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

What Brand Focus® Alumni Are Saying

Antoine & his team coached me through the preparation of my brand communication strategy. I sought their advice after being very unhappy with the previous consultant I had hired, and I must say, working with Cultural Sync was a dream. They’re extremely knowledgeable and guided me through my frustrations with ease and wise advice. Mostly importantly, they truly cared about helping me succeed and was very encouraging. I would work with them again in a heartbeat, and I will recommend their expertise to anyone.

Meredith W. / Founder / Nashrow

Coaching Session Details

Fast track your journey to clarity within your brand and business. A minimum of four (4) sessions are required, to ensure you’re properly equipped with the insights & tools required to effectively implement what we discuss. Each coaching program consists of the following:

  • Initial Brand Assessment Document
  • Session Summary PDF
  • Action List
  • Email Support Between Sessions
  • One (1) Hour Program Wrap Up Session
  • 3-Months of accountability emails

End the frustration of lacking clarity within your brand and business. Sign-up for your coaching sessions today and jump start your growth.


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