In this episode of the Brand Focus Podcast we discuss the fourth and final element of the Brand Focus Framework, defining your communication strategy. Throughout the episode, we discuss the meaning of a communication strategy, marketing mediums and examples of brand image.

  • Why establishing a brand foundation is important 0:47
  • Brand Focus Framework recap 1:22
  • What is a communication strategy 2:40
  • Communication mediums 3:20
  • Recommend marketing medium minimum 3:52
  • Example of brand image 5:01
  • Creating S.M.A.R.T objectives 7:00


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Resources Mentioned:

Defining Brand Core WorksheetDo your customers know what your brand stands for? More importantly, do you know what your brand stands for? How about your team? Remove any possibility of unclarity or brand confusion by defining your brand core! 

Your brand core consists of three (3) elements – vision statement, mission statement & core values. These elements set the foundation for your brand and should be used as a guiding light as your business progressively moves forward.

Do not put off defining your brands foundation any longer. Our Brand Core Worksheet provides a simple process for guiding you through the process of defining your core.

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