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Our brand consulting services provide expert insights, tools, & strategies for a successful brand launch, brand refresh, or product go-to-market strategy.

Building a successful brand is not a one-size-fits-all process. To succeed, each business, including you’re own requires a customized strategy and deliverables reflective of your brand positioning. This process is something that cannot be solely handled by an outside source, but one that is a collaborative effort between you, your team, and consultant.

We play the role of facilitator, guiding you through our Brand Focus® Framework, providing insights and tools for developing a solid foundation for a successful business launch, brand refresh, or product go-to-market strategy.

The result of our work provides clarity within the key areas of your brand, enabling clear communication & the ability to create 360° brand experiences that relate to key stakeholders, activate brand advocacy and drive market share.


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Consulting Services

The ability to create a highly functioning business revolves around the strength of your brand foundation. Whether you're needing to establish a new brand, attract & retain investors, drive employee engagement, better connect with customers, or launch a new product or service, we have the ability to successfully guide you through the process.

Brand Discovery

identity, marketing activity, internal and external perceptions of the brand and business, strengths and weaknesses, everything that reveals exactly where a brand is now.

Primary market research to measure brand awareness, familiarity, perceptions, and equity.

By doing an analysis of your audience we learn about the psychology of brand desires and needs.

Study of the language, tone, and verbal style of the organization and industry.

Primary research to understand the psychology of your market, and participants’ attitudes, beliefs, and needs.

In-depth research that evaluates how your direct and indirect competitors communicate.

Brand Strategy

Defining strategy for successfully turning your idea into an actual business.

Defining the proper channels of communication for reaching & engaging your target audience(s).

Create durable monikers designed to stand out within their technical and cultural contexts.

Defining how your business should be successfully positioned in the market.

Defining strategy for successfully launching a product or service in the market.

Adapt the brand platform to meet the unique needs of specific environments.

Brand Design

The collection of all the design assets that work together to uniquely represent your brand to its audience.

Produce primary visual marks that represent the brand, driving familiarity and trust over time.

Capture minds using today’s most-consumed medium, short- or long-form, animated or live action.

Deliver tight, compelling presentations built for customer, investor, and employee recall.

The use of visual system elements and logos to produce on-brand daily communications.

Speak with a unified voice through communications assets that work together to tell a complete brand story.

Compile the entire brand system into a comprehensive resource that ensures consistent brand communications.

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