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Cultural Sync™ is an award-winning Strategic Brand Consulting & Consumer Research Agency. We’re an agency of strategists, designers, problem-solvers, and managers, who specialize in helping organizations & individuals define who they are, what they do, & who they do it for.

Partnering with Cultural Sync™ yields a clear understanding of your brand & target audience – which creates a foundation for communication strategies that drive deeper engagement & market success.

We Simplify The Complicated

We help entrepreneurs answer tough questions & guide them on how to better articulate the essence of the brands they lead. 

We provide brand clarity. We guide our clients through research-derived frameworks & programs that enable the ability to effectively communicate all elements of their brands to those inside & outside of their businesses.

Our strategies create 360° brand experiences that bridge the gap between brands and their target audiences – Providing brand leaders with a road map for how to relate to key stakeholders, activate brand advocacy, and drive market share.

We Help Leaders

Move Their Brands Forward

We believe that effective communication is a process, and one that is achieved via collaboration. Guided by our Brand Focus System™ our team partners with you to create solutions that provide a better understanding of your – brand message, personality, industry, target audience, competitors, areas of differentiation, & communication.  
We have developed a collection of services designed to create & guide brands toward success. Learn more about our – Brand Focus System™ Workshop / Brand Coaching Brand Communication Audit Cultural Competence Workshop /  Brand System Development below.
Brand Focus System™ Workshop

Clarifying Brand Focus &

Creating a Foundation All Brand Efforts Can Be Built Upon

Our Brand Focus System™ Workshop is a strategic program built to guide entrepreneurs through defining & simplifying the message of who they are, what they do, & who they do it for.

This process equips stakeholders who communicate on behalf of your brand with dialog driven by your core message. Enabling experiences with target audiences that are clear, consistent, & authentically engaging.

Phase One

01. Brand Clarification

Phase one assists with clarifying your brand foundation. Creating a true statement of what your brand stands for – clarifying your mission, vision, culture, & values. 

Phase Two

02. Audience Clarification

You have to know who you’re targeting before you begin communicating. Phase two assists with clarifying your ideal audiences & analyzing their behavioral patterns so you can develop an effective engagement strategy.

Phase Three

03. Communication Focus

Knowing your correct target audience enables the ability to develop focused brand experience models. Phase three outlines where & how to engage your audiences. Whether it’s print, digital, or a combination of both – we design brand experiences that build brand awareness & ignite engagement within your market.

One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Brand Coaching 

Each session will consist of the following

45-Mintue Call
Every session includes a one-to-one video or phone call. In each session, we’ll discuss that weeks curriculum, homework from the previous week, and answer any questions that you and/or team have.

Online Homework
Each session consists of one set of topic-specific homework that can be completed online.

PDF Session Summary
You will receive a call summary PDF with key takeaways from every session.

Action List
You’ll get a checklist of action items to follow after each session.

60-Day Follow Up
We cover tons of great content during our sessions, but the most important part of the coaching is what you do afterwards. That’s why we’ll check in with you for up to 60 days after our sessions end, to ensure you’re still on the right path.

Session One

01. Brand Mission

Session Two

02. Brand Identity

Session Three

03. Brand Target

Session Four

04. Brand Voice

Session Five

05. Brand Experience

Brand System Development

To establish & differentiate itself within an industry, a brand must have a way of presenting itself to the world that is definitively unique, informative, & consistent across all communication touch-points.
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Messaging Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Naming
  • Corporate Identity Development
  • Customer Experience Mapping
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Print Collateral and Asset Development
  • Web Design and Development
  • Video Development

Brand Communication Audit

Our brand communication audit will provide a foundation for making  informed marketing and communications-based decisions.

Our communication audit consists of:

  • Review of all of your business’s internal & external touch-points
  • Develop a firm understanding of your communication objectives
  • Provide a communication strategy for achieving key objectives
  • Provide measurement tools to evaluate future communications projects

Cultural Competence Training

( Why It Matters )

Minority Consumers Are Becoming The Majority

The Multicultural population is gradually becoming the majority in the U.S market. With growth, comes increased buying power.

As the mainstream consumer becomes more diverse, it is no longer a valid business strategy to be “culture blind” when thinking of your target consumer.

(Source: Nielsen)

Race and ethnicity does matter, and the growth of your business will be dependent on the efforts made to create messaging that reflects, acknowledges, and speaks to consumers of all cultural backgrounds.

Every section of society has its own culture, whether it is: language, dialect, style of dress, cuisine, social behavior, musical preference or spiritual beliefs to name a few. All of these components are factors that should be considered when developing your communication strategy.

Our Cultural Competence Training help brands embrace these cultural shifts, and optimize their approach & messaging to effectively engage this new mainstream consumer. We help brand leaders synchronize their messaging across diverse cultural markets. By creating unique and targeted marketing strategies, we keep organizations “in sync” with current and future cultural trends that define their evolving target market.

Multicultural U.S Consumer Spending Power By 2019

Latino Americans

$1.7 Trillion

African Americans

$1.4 Trillion

Asian Americans

$1 Trillion

Source: The Selig Center


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