Yes, you have a personal brand & here’s how to take control of it

“How do I create a personal brand?” This is a question I’m often asked in social settings after it’s discovered that I am a brand strategist, and my answer is

Building A Brand Tribe, Part 1: The Big Green Egg Effect

Over the weekend I was invited to attend Eggotoberfest, an annual event held by The Big Green Egg Company that provides their brand enthusiasts the opportunity to come together and

The power of brand recognition – And how it’s making Papa John’s new marketing campaign useless

The “Good” of Brand Recognition When hearing the name Papa John’s Pizza, what comes to mind? For a majority of individuals, this name triggers thoughts of the slogan “Better ingredients.

Why Continual Brand Investment is Paramount to Success

[Read Time: 2 minutes, 5 seconds] When thinking of branding, a majority of individuals, including seasoned business professionals operate under the assumption that brand investment happens at the start of