5 Ways to Build Brand Awareness

If people do not know your business exists, are you really in business? As an entrepreneur, the ability to launch a product or service that connects and resonates with your

What is brand positioning?

It’s become commonplace to hear individuals mention how things are either “good or bad” for their brands. This statement applies to entertainers, athletes, business professionals, social media stars, and the

3 Books that influenced my approach to brand building

I’ve often been asked by colleagues and from those within my inner circle, what were some of the steps I took when deciding to pivot and focus on becoming an

The Importance of Brand Focus

If posed with the question, “why did you become an entrepreneur?”, what would be your response? I’m sure that 99.99% of all replies would not include the term failure. No

How Brand Recognition Boosts Customer Loyalty

[Read Time: 3 mins] Traditionally, I have found that the concept of brand recognition is either often overlooked by business owners, or it’s lumped together and categorized with brand awareness.