Building A Brand Tribe, Part 2: The Big Green Egg Effect

In part 1 of the Building a Brand Tribe series, we discussed the impact building a tribal brand can have on the success of your business. If you did not

Benefits of Brand Awareness Campaigns

Throughout our Brand Positioning series, we’ve touched on several elements such as the importance of defining your Brand DNA, Target Audiences, Brand Messaging, and Communication Roadmap. Now it’s time to

3 Benefits of Defining Your Communication Roadmap

As we move along in our Brand Positioning series, we’ve covered the Importance of Brand DNA, Defining your Target Audiences, and Clarifying your Brand Messaging. Now it’s time to place

Brand Positioning: Creating Brand Messaging

Thus far in our Brand Positioning series, we’ve discussed how “Brand success starts with your DNA” and the importance of “Defining your target audiences,” which are essential in developing a

Brand Positioning: Defining Your Target Audiences

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, defining your brand positioning provides a set of advantages for obtaining success in your business; like defining whom you are as a brand, differentiating

Brand Positioning: Brand Success starts with your DNA

The question of why some individuals achieve success while others do not is often asked and has been scientifically associated with our DNA. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh in

The Miseducation of Branding – What You Should Really Know

If you were to search “what is branding” in an online search engine of your choosing, Google, Bing, Youtube, and so on the results will provide countless answers to this