The Entrepreneur Conundrum, Do I need a Co-Founder Part 2

In part 1 of The “Entrepreneur Conundrum, Do I need a co-founder” series we discussed how to internally approach the process of determining if you need a co-founder. If you

The Entrepreneur Conundrum, Do I need a Co-Founder Part 1

Several weeks ago I had an opportunity to participate in a flash accelerator, which is similar to speed dating but with entrepreneurs and business consultants. Each session consisted of 30-minutes

Brand Focus Friday: How Branding Works

Brand Focus Friday | Ep. 003: How Branding Works?  Today on Brand Focus Friday I provide insight into “How Branding Works”. Please LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, & Subscribe if you find

Yes, you have a personal brand & here’s how to take control of it

“How do I create a personal brand?” This is a question I’m often asked in social settings after it’s discovered that I am a brand strategist, and my answer is

Brand Focus Friday: Difference Between “Brand” and “Branding”

Brand Focus Friday | Ep. 002: Brand vs Branding?  Branding expert and coach Antoine Woods Jr. provides insight into the difference between the terms “Brand” & “Branding” Please LIKE, SHARE,

Brand Focus Friday: What is a brand?

Brand Focus Friday | Ep. 001: What is a Brand?  Announcing the launch of my weekly video series “Brand Focus Friday” 📺Ep. 001: What is a Brand? 📺 Today on

Building A Brand Tribe, Part 2: The Big Green Egg Effect

In part 1 of the Building a Brand Tribe series, we discussed the impact building a tribal brand can have on the success of your business. If you did not

Building A Brand Tribe, Part 1: The Big Green Egg Effect

Over the weekend I was invited to attend Eggotoberfest, an annual event held by The Big Green Egg Company that provides their brand enthusiasts the opportunity to come together and

Benefits of Brand Awareness Campaigns

Throughout our Brand Positioning series, we’ve touched on several elements such as the importance of defining your Brand DNA, Target Audiences, Brand Messaging, and Communication Roadmap. Now it’s time to

3 Benefits of Defining Your Communication Roadmap

As we move along in our Brand Positioning series, we’ve covered the Importance of Brand DNA, Defining your Target Audiences, and Clarifying your Brand Messaging. Now it’s time to place